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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 18, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>>thisorning, rembering lege. walter croite, the most trted mainme was t voe of turbulend trmphant tim. we look back alifend his legacy. >>stigatorare raling r leads aftetwo u.s.otels arbombed iindosikilling at leastine. 'll ha theery late from karta. prest amlaysowe gaunetndal o congressayg alth care rerm must be pasd else. but how muill itos d o mili, one leng how much manou me by lling off your jun we'll ow y how to turn you unwanted itemsmuch-need cash captionsd r by abc, c.
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good morningama. >>ood morning. its saturday, july 1h.and youere born before a rtar, you remember arica ahorman, larghalife, t alwa unclwalt f generatio of aman he was pt t family brging the wor io r livi rooevy ngle night fr jfk assassinaon lainonhe moon, theietn r, we remembvidl >> ie '70s cronkitwas a name synonous th allf televion new was sonymous with a timofthe night. yowod call someofter onkiteand even the presidenthad this stementaying he was therthrough warsndiots, marcheanlestones calmi telling us what we neeto know. oun charlie gibs conders himhe gold sndd d join us in a moment toxpla w. al, tharents in peaca, florida, w were raing 16hildn we laid toest sterday e sa day pe rele n details as to what
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t assailts he be after. and littlewe will ta to an emarineho btled f a crazouain lion with a chain saw. an ama survival storjust ah > buwein this morning with passing of crkite, the an oerican wsmedied yesrd a92 wi hamy his side. the causcerebralcular disee ors his descred , complicatis from dentia.heas a tering figure in th busiss andolds aonic ple in t colleivmemo of gerions oamericans. >> "the cbs evinnews" with waer cronkite. rorte hwas n to a generation as the mo trued man in arica >> good eveng.pridenagan tay - >> ror wter cronki brought a vel of eeriee and credibility heho desk tt few have evetched. he got his staorking for newspapers a radio stations rossex and the mwest theneadeovseas to cover rld r ii fnited pres onte signed onitcbs in
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and wasn't gravit.foawhile he -hted "t morning show" th puppet named charlemagn but he icmadeis namwith his litical cove >>ev certa our recent history theeen su perilous times in whicto conduct a mp >> reporte i he was promed to or of "the cbs ing news" anyear later -- heris a bulletifr cbs news from dallas, texa t flash appantlyfficial. president keedy dit 00 p.mcentrastandarde. >> reportee ruggled to ke h cposure wle bringing the countrygic news. ve esidt nd johon has ft theospil in dlas, but o t ow to where has proceede reptet other times ar the country's joy. >>eil artrong,8-year-oamican, standing oe suace ofheoon. >> repter: it wadung the etnam wathatroe'
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stth tmerin bl bemelear in 1 rurnefrom ari toietn dillusionedand in a unni breakro urnastic objectivihe ended s report bnoci heid not thi the war was wile. >> for it ems now more cerin than evethat the by experice of vietna to d in atamate. reporter: it s turning poin prent hnson lar said he kn i'dost crkite, he'd lodle americ cronkite continuedchorhe p ted evening cail 19. >> thiis my last badcast the chorman of "e s evening ws." >> rorbs fcem rere whe tned 65 brought in d rather to replacehim. >>endypa cter- >> reporte but yea aft he ed offor the lasti millns of americans still rememberow assuri it wato heawaeronteave lastord. and that's way it i frid, marc6th,981. >> and we e joined now by
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n abc anchor o"w news" with crln. lie, gd moing om cape cod. go to see you. >> good moing, k go to e you. >> t tm anchor -- the ar term was basical coined fortecrkite ta aut what yothink heid telesion news. >> well, it s ed for him. it woined in the covere of the firsnvenon televi that was 195 the blans nominated dwight eisenhower the decrats nonated adlai stevenson. th had tcome up withome wo for it so they cled him anorndhat stuck ever nce. weere extraordinaril fortate that he warst. heasadigm, he was the examthat has cdo roh thyears all of cause he had such so traini he was traed in e wi rvice waof rorng, the
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basic, know, who, at, why, wher when. heamalong whenhere was not flash and da there is in levion now. itasally was walitting behi a dk, and he justid ight his compwas solute on t,nd he deto that itwas abthne it wasn'abt him, ahoh ople came to trust h it wbout the ns and that is something ihink tall of keep in theac our mindsall the ti well, he was owaso objeut there w that ment thawe just showed a mo ago in 19 when he came d basically saide wa againsthe vinar. was that a turning point aal >>l, it was sothing of a g dealn he aed mmenta to the show. it's ieres, you know, ll in thapiechathe "and at the way it ," theay wa ended the show ea night but when he wodoommentary, didn'say and that t way
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it is. hended the show ffently.henderstood th that s an injectioofomng tt wa't necessarily the way it was. itas the way he thou wa >>magineheyou be chor o"w new and re ting to furt how to sign off at, probabl out ou"and thathe way it w >> wl, one of t things katethat interting, i haa convsaonith cronteoh probabl10 years ag and heas -- yocould tel ev though he wong since tired,e wastill prramming eveng ne sws in his md. and heto me, ion't unrsta why thenchors -- and i was rking at "go morning america" at thtime. sai i don't undstanwhy r and and n ha those omotions the d before the ow to te y one of e ors they're ing do the next day. u dot knowhat's gog to happen trow,nd it's about the newsand can'te proming things thaare gog bon show.we've only g2 nu
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les k to the new well, ofoue,ecau of the si for ratingsetet we dprome piec the day beforebuoften now wh w ha the 3:30 meg or whatern my officehen we're putting the fil uches onhe eveningewt, we ll kill- take out of the show the promotepiece bee the t much news, e tryingfit 20of potatoesnto a 10-pound bag. you know whait's like, and so sometimes we'll ki the promot pie, and i alys think in the b my mind, walter, th exactly the w yosaid it oughto be. >>hat's the y dt. dn't like traings of it, di? didn'likehe celebrity element. >> never uerit, and i haa conversati withim about that, abouwhits that people rct tthe dividual o thes opsed to wt u' talking abo, d, of coursewere many oplewho thought the trust -- st trued m iamerica that lterht trun for office and heusthght at heretical. i me tt was justeyond ytng he coulage cause at was not
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wt heas ouhe w a repr. he wanto be a rep ever s hwas a kid, a he was a damn gd e. >> and w lea it athat. charlie,hank y so for yo refctnshis rning. be wl. ea i a trendous ss, toheusiness and to some respects i thk, kate, the countr >> yeah, a ow. >>ill? okay. thank yo kat charlie. >>leturn overseato indonesiwherinstigs e ing thh dama after o mbs explodedn ic hote kilng ninpeople. abc's clarsa warisn pital of jakais morningh the late. clarissa? repte good morng, bl. llpolice todayrebing through the wrgef stday's vastatg atth're looking for a ence anthey're ying tput getherictu of what exactlppen yterday and who responsible. esarthe final mont before tombings, a man llg hisucase be a blindi bendsuests running focover. mitelar, a secd blt
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ried through the restaurant the ri-carlton. sinessman ge head was on 23rd floo he lobby wasety rk, smok look across to thefee house, wch w complet dested, mpletely wrecked >>eporr:hen e dust settleine le incding two suice boers,ere dead. rens] >>eporte the injured were shed to hoital among em aleasghamers. accog to polic two mbs checinto the marott as payints on wedsdnd aembled the bombs in their roo usi homade elosive yesterday mointhey split up arry o the attacks.innea is the wor'sost polous mlim naonnds no ranger to terrort atcks. in 22 re than 200 le most of th feiers were kied bmbings on the sort islaf baliand in 23 a ssive r bomb in thfrt entrance of thrye jw marriott kill2. no group hlaed respsibiliet ery's attacks,ut
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suspicns lie with qaeda affiatedup jemaah lamiyaho have carried ou many previous ck nesia has en relatively lmor the last feyearas the gomentere has ally cracked do on those lac terrorist cells, but yteay bombg ceainly brutal remind that security force he ry stl have tir wo cut outor them. katend bill? okay, cria warom karta. let's turn to theesof the morns headlines. claiborne he usu. n? >>ood morning,atand bi good mni, everyone. hundds of moners turne out for a privatfural fo bud elaniebillin the florida couple mderetheir n hoast ek whoere known r adopt 1ecial nes children. s ffrey kofmanasor >> reporter: it s a somb farell. eighysfter their cold-bloodedurde, d and melanie billere buried. days of seatiol f yis abouth, family arids struggled eep the cus on thcole that refor ne disabled cren
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at theopted. todays nothe dato focus the vicious cris that be infcted or fa and up this community. day is the dayo celeate bud and lanie'ves. >> reporter: it s a ift investation,nks part to essueillanceapes seven suectsre icustody, chacg two counts rder t tharso many lingerin quesons out the refully planned menvasion that even on the othe funeral, the faly felcoelled to defend itname. this ss stolen in the roerand recovered by pole.>> t safe thas removed om the billings' contaion cldn' prcrip micion, important faly documents and soelry of sentental vae. reporter: a few houater the eriff coirmethat nothing gnift was found the fe. >> i canl u as l enforcemt officer, ion't care if that safe aine anieies and bule g, beusit was thebject itlf
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that washessue her >> rorr:he sheri has knowle that whilrobbery appes toave been theotiv there is much bigger sry in the imthat has n y bn reveed. until th hns ill be possible tcontn the mo and speculion surund thase. fo"good morng amicm ffrekofm, abc wspensacola. an american 15ight jet haasd in central aftakiing the two crew mberon board. milita oicials sayhe crash was t due t hosle fire. secretary of steillary clinn is in ina where she attended aemony emorg thnovember teorist ck mumbai at ll 166eople. exessesympathy for the victims ancalled on indo help fighterrosm. and finally from hillary cltoto thear maye wien mobile. th oscar mayer wiemo got in a b oa pickle erday. kate is ugng over there.the iconicehicle crashnto house inisconsin when therir ieto turn it ound in a
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dreway. no one wasnjured. you'll be ppto kbut th hond wner mobileufred moderate dame. >> oh, n >>lleep u poed on that. >> w does have to be wisconn? >> odd enoh. wiewisconsin. brs. youe byherat. diby t bra >> i used now that whole songh the -- 'd le be an oarer wiener♪ ♪ i wh i ren oscar mar wier ♪ >> i'map i don'tnow th . >>ou don't know it. >> mean i know it t not verbim i do. >> gd in everye. g the weaer sw you raigh, north carolina, stor rped thugh there 60-mile-hour wind s toling down trees, 2o inchesf ey actuay need theai i don't that they nearily needed storm. it irt due to a shift in temperature.yestery, 97 deeefor thhigh. ent wn into thw s. the grealas, youan see morng highperares, 52 in rgo, 54 in madis57 in trty it'sy ed to gopnto ybe e mid-s. byonast the southwest,13 l vegasvearm,
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very >> tnks souc reyour soutlk lar in the sh >> oka mol. president oba using weekly address this ing to on again cl gresto pa hlth re refor it cs hrs in which th enhas en very voca oua al that he may fis slpingwa abc'joendren has the last this morng from waington. go mor, john. >> reporteoomorning, kate. his deadle r paing healthformy august i
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estion, laterday presenobama did not tate tose theully pul smoned the carafor an unannounced emt. it w nhing srtf a esidential pep talk. n we'veot to over the fi repter: for congreswher two kehouscoittees passed thr portio ohealth care overul, ffered enuragemen >> now is cenlnot the time toe het. make no mistakf we step back fr this allenge ats mome, we aregninour en ta futuref skyrketingmiumd cr deficit >>orter: for replican its, a warning. that's why those who are ing against thappening th year e bamist. >>eporr: mr. ued quick sse ter tors, democratd reblans alikwr leadersaying "addional tim tove a biptin relt is criti" and yesterday r the rst time, hoe ear nancy losippeared to wav t presidentugust adline
8:17 am
>> wel we haveo see he nates going too. reporter: rublica sensing slower momtum essing on thbrakes. the presind se democrats insiste must rush plan rough. why? use moremerins kno abouit, the reheoppose it. >> reporte to keep refm on ack, thete house is pulling out all e stops. y in h weekladdrs,he esident is again talng th care. this ishat thdete in congress is all about.whetwe'lkeep tking a tinkg and lettinthis oblem festers more families and bunees go under and re americanlosehe coveragor whether we'll ize is oprtunit >> repter: t presint w contue tpress the issue next . on monday ppears on pband wneay he ldpre news conferen. both ds pinumber one is pe to be heaca . bind >> o johhereat the house, tnks souch. > llcomingxtthis is an amazing ory. man versus mountli. a chaitwn them thers the n. we'lhearhe sto coming > ming up on "good morning erica"
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w weurn to the man who ed a cinawght ofan atinlion. duin britton was campi inyomingithis wifewo le. e ex-marine cuttin rewood aboua hundred feet frohis campsite wn heaw the beasarg at him throughbrh, and then crg. stin joi ufrom thermopos,yomi, to tell us wh'sext. how big are tking0 unds? >> ocose, seemed ly big to but i esi s told it wehed 10d. >> y're cuttinwood this theaw obvusly didn't scare iof appened ? oh, i j--ithin secos i see this lion ov 20 feet me just standg there looking e. i could e ab just ad t igr a, coseit scared s f me. i ran backwards d doublethe diance
8:23 am
betweenand it and i s nd o the clearing i couldn belve it wa't afraid of or the saw pecially. d i ju kep revvg at chain saw and tchi it. r probably thron i ju watchedend tn owly came of th brh into thepethen it st ard right me and ng e, guess'day, leapt right up- ca u to eyeevel and right idid,ad that sarunng just bred down it. my goal fd it offth was thenlweon i h so, u , there wasn't a e lot of was me or that li >>o ththg is literallyn the air. it's goi for you what happens nt? did it kck y off bance >> it pushed mck a few eps. u know, s ndf in stance where ias ready for an pact of sor u knowrealusndf muscle memory thinfrom my aining ithe marines it seemed like. lar tughthat'tl what mdy did. >>ight and, ye, cam, i brght e w up and so it baed mms a the w three or
8:24 am
fr times, and then h it hard i could with that saw at full rottle tryingo hit in e neckof cour, and just dn it went and ileft it didn'ave in a big hurry but iteft d then i w pretty sso- >> did yetit doouavwound at all? >> oh,s almo healed now. i a tiny puncre on my foarm is iot >> amazinghingo show someing li that. i ha task, your twooddls were a hundred awa at w goi throu you mind? of course, i -- yh,f course, want to get to theu know, they wer-- they re nbeone ioty, on knew wase w t getk fe and make surehe weren't in danr. so immialy went to thcatendot them ie e camper and g thdog de of t campean ust -- we st tried to stay inside tt camper as much possle t rest of the evenin
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dallas, t, e flash apparently ofal idkenneddied a 1: m.tral standarme 2:00terntandard time. me 3minuteag that ewan walter cron in one of h mor memorable momes devering the wsthe ath of psident kennedy,f course. hehod dung somof t most semin ments of thth century, first man oe moon the vietnawar,residential elecs, you namit, lter crkite died yesterday the age of2, andoming up wegoing to speak t his frie, s coeague, morley fer. >> right. th era befe the 24-hour news cycle, it wamic toee that sor realtime retion th hhad ther it'sard to overste h inuee. good morningic alg thate snow, i'm bill we it is saay, july 18th.
8:31 am
and you're going to cleaup some of the cer i yo hou, we he someips for you this morng h tmake a little money while you're at it we'll sh yecre to settinup a pfible yar sale tcan double y rnin. >>s allame d moy and chonships weren't enoughtherare so t ey awards. they g the own awardsh, athletnd we have a special sneak ek. it airs tomorr. hind snes today. first ronlane with our headlis. good morng, n. >> good morng ai bill and ka good morng, evne. in ns, iesn inigorsay o sue mbs o struck ameca tels in jakarta, indonia, ma ailiated with the group jemaahamiyah, whhas be liedo qaeda. nineeoe including th boers we kild in yeers attack at lst eight ameca were injured. and new vernnt figures sh 15 states andhe dtrict ofoluma haan unemployment rate e % la month while unemoyment in miigan, e top rated, now tops 15%. th ihighest state unemoynt re the sie 19. and astrauts froe spacshuttle "endeawill
8:32 am
perforspe walk todaythe rst five plannethis missio ndeavour" doed athe internatiol spation yeerda and finay,hen play resumeat btipen go tonant today, a famiar face will be missing. gewoods missheut ing over par for e fit twoous. that's one shoe than whawas neededo stayn th tournament. can foow resof t golfers lar on. at is a quick look at the headlis. now over to marysol the weat thanks, ron. go morning to you. od mning, ev. severe wean e we from denver tbbock. golf balze hl. hend gust and,f cour, so fla floin elsewhere inhe natio the nortashaw move t the way e hudity diminishejust a lile bit. showers cobe possible around e eaern grealake elsewhere in tatn, we do haomrain in the heast, t deep heasthis portis orland itry, oler athe grealas. the we
8:33 am
>> tnksouch. iseather reporhabeen broughto you by beful. ? oy,ys >>wen ck to e legacy walr onkite. ilmins considered him thvoice recd, auc few d thiq honorf working alide him, andust momes ago, ipoke wh onof tse lucky , cband 0 minute rrndent morl saf. morl, good mor thanyofor joining us. our condences ov theos your friend. ell,e was a ndl man o haa wondfurun. wh elscan we s? iilyour fonst mo of him profonally persally. l,he fondestory profesonally was the -the kind of
8:34 am
supporat y had en you were theld, and i'm lking about vietnam long before we had sait and that kind thing. d u reallyelt yowere a e furthest endf e eah in rms of bng connected and waer washe coesponds frie course. he washe g -- he was reall yo bosand a bosshau reallyrely wanted to pleas and he w wderfully loyal t the peopleked for him. as a friend,heas off the r, he s about the ie man i've ever known. he cou b he was grt, greacomp greatompany ing onb crawl anywhe and how did he rega his influence, his pulary? >>e wore it
8:35 am
--e wore it with gracislly all i could y. ovedeople. walter was aemarble gu an know, the kinof adulio he woulreceive, ow, lt cronkite waindown the streee s ve rude. was never bru wh op hes ntedo hear their sties d th wn't that sn't an t, believee. hellwas justbohe st cious m ir knew, and he'd want to kw everhipeople's backgund, atn, what eyid for a living. and itas real reg.itas genuine engemennd le tabout his veor space. he cer did lov-- mea he wasasa's bestrien beev. not r any other reason tha his owpaior ploration, r findinout new thin. d if there w aew gizmo of y ndn the mark, lt
8:36 am
hato hit, whher itas so -the eaiest day g or comput heasot a guy uck back in the '3, en though hwas ven the '3. he led n stuff.just unctrble curiosit yeah. eally a remarkaban. >> well, we've been marveling in s azg work all morni and we reay preciate y sharing yoemies with us. ank u, mory. >>nk you >>nice of him to withth mni i reme aa -- i'm dating mysf utatchin him eversing night yeah. >> required viin >> a the infence he had,ouow, he would sign dung the iran hta cris every night, "'s beex a inhey were taken"o mind people of tt ongoing y. you d
8:37 am
see someeoplday stl using at he'sn e dna thi siness >> exactly, actly. we learned fm hi we will im. we'll beigack. > ming uongood morng era"- we'lshow youow to make yr yard sale the ggesand st profitlee bloc >>anthe oscasport. behi tces at the awards show whe aths and brs mix.
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♪ we're having yard sale he in the ud. kind of a neta on is old mmer traditi rysoen looking into how wee all dog wng parent >> aently. rdal garage sa, g sa, estatealif you're notcaful, i'm going to sl u -- it's ju really. >> all junk. more fils are tigening thr beand manyreoong for wa tturn theirdd and ds io grorindgas, butthere is a sect tourning your casffs to cash. the allee, who wl t perfect ya sale. thrill of thhunt >> i go justut every turd. >> the gat debate.>>he bartering i i btering you me outoing, ooh. >> reporter: a yarsaleurns
8:41 am
nehborhoods into balegrounds. >>dr dolrs. >> really yehere is no chance. >> repr: ithe spirit of ighbodompetition we decided toit near families agnst each other see whose sff rake mo coiinhis cornerthe ow family. the pros with oua zen yardes uer their bel thalngers, thshapiro mily, yard sale newbieineed ofome lp we brohtn trish su from "can house."shhelps familile up theit--contr ctter. cnoit to ta your sale fradnd drab to fice a fabous. >> reporr: tsh gs do a rt it wi tharos helping themumgehrough decades of tod belong. >> iavenorn theseho iprably9 s. eporrish's t alwa kp liketemsethe sets always sell bett reme that >>epr: and let gof wha yoigin spent
8:42 am
set up ras that s $10, , $2 so u then athat point n ito. rorter: but or the buetowouse oh, my god, ts used to mine. eporter: -- e familys not as wling tpartith their prizedsessions >> noing to sell thi >> n we're gngo it. >> n going tses. sorry, gls.>>epter: the sategy,nk big on collectibles. >> these arem grdfher.he word for texaco f 49 ars. i h a gre aunt o wa into collectinthings. >>eporter: sy ue to their icing guns. >> sti to e pric that t on se of thetems ahead of time. reporr: botyard sales are going wn days later fr 9:o 1:00 in neighbin lifoia sbs. ile e buetows ar busy du-taping. thshapiro skip the signs and postonline inste. you can reh more people ne, and the etn is fierc >>y si h been lly ripped down. >> reporr: thewo titans of ist will mpet thrreasfoot fic,ff sold anmoy maid
8:43 am
the etowleft pring u thcustomer asked andndedp vi items away. pri check oaisle 5. >> bucok, good job. rorter: whilerishes h selling secre. uszzwos. >> they n't think it's just anotr sold so thee sleeper so. >> reporlashrises rlon so it feelsa steal. thas my botm. it was 8 for yo $35. you can have it. reporter:e e item sentimensot feels ke it wth a lot. et me give y a ory about esdos. i wasaisewith it thent nt t older daugh >>eptend sl e with freebie >> i paid 17but shthrew in a pho bum. >> reporr: acrs town, the etows ren't asree irit. >> i wld s make meoffer ani'llither yes oro. >> reporte aoun't turn their collectibles -- il do 75 on thie. >>eporter: -- in cash. >>hanks. eporter: at 00 t mey ised.>>y go day. >>ow. >> reporter: and theilies' shdo
8:44 am
♪ >> t winr of our yard lelengis the sha famil >>eporr: with doublehe traffic, hf the trash d fo times of, these rookie roed t rivs but with that kind of casfo a couple hours' work both famili me thr secohandgoods into fstlace finishers. >> wow, not ba >>$200. h, and you know wt th sing best into sell, sportingqument. this i beg to differ. steo equipme paly not good toell becaus'sdad but i would y that tntable i hot >>ou wld? >>ee on the whofteel. he>> d't they y -- is th a od b n't th s- you sa stereo eipments kind ss right? >> pas. >>hereomebody who loves a odurntable.
8:45 am
youno i'm saying, yeah ecords are coming lps are mang >> somethi iansell. i can sell -rember the old chorer h best offer. we'll low. 50 cen >> il give you 10 cents we >> it'urs.>>e move to w tae. heoesn'td it anymore. >> i'll buy it. >>hat? >> i he a whoew sn my living room. i likeo en at's how i rel. you gu ud your way. >>retend telepmpter. it's re luce. >> it'acrylic. real story my csin on bout a diamond ring at a raale for cent >>nd? >> iworth hundreds ndds, ndredsndundreds of dollars yes. soo figure >> all right. un sff. >> ber bar we'll b we're comingacwithhespy awar, hat's ght. kstage withhe fulou and ri and faus. the butifndhe buff.
8:46 am
>> the beautiful a buff, next.
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♪ > it ithe osca sport. superstars outfu force to celebre e pys this week anto wch a wld recd er set ather mk. taryn nt bll was there and now she's he >> good morning to bofou. thanks a lot five espysent aan w many called e man dolphi ione of the mt ique nits of tharecse y have the best inports nging out with theest om sge and screen but phaps what's most iq about this awards ceremony, the fa decidwho ns. ♪
8:50 am
>> ihi there's jt is sort of mutual interest betwee cebrits anhlet. >> admire thr l an admi the abili a amazingloughy kind of ke what do. >> ro condolzzrice onhe elevato at like that's pretty ol. >>es, i lo t esp i lovepo okay, me anyo y time. >> rht. >> don't ms up yr hair n >>t'nit for e ns. it's the 29 espys. >> reporr: iide host samu l. jackson joked about the ' vori mentsnd farite aletes. >> you musbed to b inhe pl, huh nobody gives a hartime when you smokehe cpetiti. >>orter: ting ation walk away with fiv ess cluding beste ate. >>ichaelhelp mhael el. >> a yoing tsit those espys rit ne to your 14 gd medals >> they'llsowher cse. it's cl. beinablesee swimming change ando haveheans' sport.
8:51 am
>> reporte olympicnast iaiukin ok the bt award for fema athlete. whoa. at'se ten poun. anbackstage celebs werin aletic e. s actor'm really a frustratthlete >> rorter:o you think al thac here frusated athlet? >> youre correct. >> fe it's chance ba kiagain ansee so omy hees. first ba mian d, rtely, we wtoe hletes. the l angeles lakers. >> reporter:est am went toheomowfavorite. ow why we west team. becausthis is ate do all daen we're n plang. >> repter:ou toothrds out of muth. is this att's lin e locker room. anng out in its? >> the "good morme" version. >>epr:ll iit a party yowon'want to miss.ohah, wh ala outhere in l aeles and thoua dot, t m of thevening, micelhelp athlete athlete, arcs, no matt w asked,veone on thared carpetas there tsehim. ha to say, su aice guy. s mom s ere. eare. >> was h m de?
8:52 am
is tt what you're saying? >>es, she wa she s. yeah, gre. hectually taug me hoto put on my les rrectly becaus in the pi' had goggle malfctio when i swim. and figured 'sheaster. >> ws e cret? >>s the secret >> you go downarder than y think. press downnd then en hr. e you go. >> thereou go yoought be o imaster. don't know out that. >> based on at. > we shod methe py a torrow on our sister netw esp 00 easternim tarynkfor beinhe. >> tnk y. a lot ofun have a eaweend. >> we' be ck. it can bto ving with pd... i try not to l it slow me dow i dowto the pool
8:53 am
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lle pling in t brish op final tomorrow so -- >>o wee you there. es. >> ts ght. c is carryinthbritish open if yore a golf fan, stay ned. >> tom watsooi st of an amazi -- >>years old. >> vol. we'll see yo weeke, evyby. >> hava grt saturday.
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